There's Mopars (and other makes) in that there Hills.... Part Four

Departing Bennington, Vermont, I was meeting up with my friend Art who lived not far from the Albany International Airport.  I had some time to kill so I decided to do some sight seeing, barn finding style.  First thing I came across is a Buick GN turbo car.  Pretty cool and in decent shape.  Sad to see it sitting outside a junkyard.



Just down the road there was a wrecked 56 Pontiac that I heard from the guys at Hemmings was wrecked not long ago.  Ironically I did not grab a picture of this, but right across the street was a nice 69 Barracuda Notchback sitting out in the lawn with what looked like some nice paint applied.



Following the road a bit I didn't find anything, but when I turned around, there behind a mobile home sat what looks like a 71 Pontiac Trans Am.  But with no time to investigate, I only snapped a quick picture and then headed on my way.


I flew the rest of the way into the Hudson River Valley.  I had some time to kill so I drove around and discovered some very interesting vehicles.  I couldn't identify all of them.  I see some Edsel's, I believe some Mopar B-bodies and what looks like a Lancia.






But as with all great things, they must end.  And I flew out that afternoon after having some fun with my friend in his beautiful Satellite Convertible.  But who knows, I might be returning there in the near future.


Oh, and here is one more for the road, something a bit more artistic.

DSC00734 (Medium)

I hope you all enjoyed this little adventure.  I sure did.

If you know of any cool Cars or Motorcycles in Barns, junkyards, farmers fields or squirreled away in a garage in the Mid-west, let me know.  I am always up for a good hunt!


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