There's Mopars (and other makes) in that there Hills.... Part One

I had some free time this past weekend. I was in Vermont for a job interview and had heard about a cool yard not far from where I was staying. He was a complete Mopar nut, so I was in for the adventure.

Pulling up to the yard I knew I was in the right place. Rows upon rows of Mopar muscle as far as the eye could see. I pulled up in my rented 2011 Cadillac and introduced myself to the owner. The owner of the yard was more then happy to show me around to his collection of muscle cars. His first group of cars just in the area of the entrance was already pretty interesting.

Moving onto the first barn, these were just a few of his projects. And he said that all these cars would run and could be driven. He hadn't done it in a long time, but if he had wanted to he could have. He had a 69 Plymouth Fury Cop Car with all the original gear and lights and sirens. Next to that was a 65 Satellite that he said was not an original altered wheelbase car, but was starting to be converted to one with original factory parts, and then abandoned.

We started walking into the yard and he started telling me about all the cars he had collected, and how he had driven most of them at one time or another, then put them away. He had quite a few C-Body convertibles. Ironically he had one of those “Late model” Mopars he didn't really like, but still got this one because someone was throwing it away... a 1973 Plymouth Cuda 340, 4-speed car!

Moving a bit further into the yard just behind his barn there was a few A-Bodies including the remains of a 68 Barracuda Formula S 340, and a few of the higher end C-bodies like 300's and Imperials. And of course a few B-bodies. Even a 49 Plymouth Coupe that he had planned on making into a “High and Mighty” clone.

Going behind the first row there was even more Mopars and a few Ford, Chevy and even a MG.

Just off the main walking area, there was a grouping of some A-bodies and B-Bodies and misc. other cars. There was even a gold 68 Barracuda Convertible completely covered by a bush!

He even had a few Pontiacs and a large collection of Thunderbirds in a variety of different shape and sizes out among the Mopars.

The owner and I moved to the opposite side of the front area. He said we have looked at 1/10 of what he has. I knew I was in for a long day! And then we came across the first of the 340 A-bodies......and a 50's Hemi Truck!

Moving away from the front area, we started to find more of the other makes and models he had available. Including two cool Lincolns. Even an early Dodge fiberglass RV and it isn't a Travco!

Remains of a 72 Demon 340 4-speed car... I couldn't even get too! But he said it was one, and the owner had been right about everything else in the yard so far. I was not one to doubt him!

More Misc makes and models.

How about a Demon Sizzler! 318 car, auto.

Tons of late 70's Mopars, GM and even a few Fords littered this area. Even a cool 69 Belvedere Wagon with blue painted top and the remains of a Plum Crazy Purple 70 Road Runner, 383 car.

This is where the first camera battery died and I had to move onto my backup before making my way back to the car to swap them out. Still a few more barns to go through and another whole yard hidden way back in the forest that has cars, as his wife said, “make men drool”.


Anonymous said...

There's a tree growing through that car! This man is a monster.

Snidly said...

Honestly, as bad as it is to see cars like the Roadrunner with a tree growing through it, these cars would have been crushed 20 or more years ago. This car is just waiting to be found and brought back.. much better a fate than having become 4 K-cars.

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