There's Mopars (and other makes) in that there Hills.... Part Three

With a fresh battery in the DSLR and a rental, the owner and I headed to his second yard, hidden well back in the forest, where much of the later "undesirable later model" cars sat.  Which are exactly what I am after!  Right as you pull into his yard, there are cars everywhere.

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In the first branch off the road there was at least two full rows of Mopars.  Right off the bat you see a bright Petty Blue Demon sitting at the front of the row, a Coronet Wagon and a very unique 70 Barracuda that someone put a Javalin grille into.  Unfortunately the piles of leaves covered up most of the cool grille.

DSC09810 (Medium)

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Moving into another row, there was A-bodies just lined up there, and they weren't in half bad of shape from the looks of it.  Looked as though you could throw a battery in some, and drive it home.  There was even a Coronet and Chrysler Convertible thrown in the mix.

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Back against the one side of the yard there sat one of the cooler cars of the group.  A 1971 Dodge Superbee.  Missing some front sheetmetal, but still fairly complete.  The owner told me that people would come in at night and steal VIN tags and fender tags off the cars, and this one was no exception.

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It was by no means the only cool car there.  In one small grouping, there was two 1970 Barracudas, some earlier fastback Barracudas and a 1973 Dart Sport 340 and Satellite Convertible.  And sitting in the back of the group was a 1970 Plymouth GTX, Sublime green car with 440!

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In the next little grouping of vehicles there sat one of the more desirable cars people want.  A 1968 Dodge Charger R/T, 440 car with an automatic on the floor.  Sadly this one was completely stripped, but you could see the former luster of the car.  Along with the R/T was a nice 68 Barracuda Convertible.

DSC09851 (Medium)

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We moved onto another little group of Mopars not far from the last one.  Just a smattering of all the different bodies styles.

DSC09862 (Medium)

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And then we moved onto the last cars I could see.  Time had run out and I had to be going.  I was meeting up with my friend Art back in Bennington and I was already going to be late.  The owner saved some of the best for last.  Another 70 GTX  440 car, a Ford Torino GT fastback and a 70 "Sport roof" Mustang.

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DSC09873 (Medium)

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I sadly had to depart just after this.  I dropped off my new friend back at his home, thanked him for showing me his wonderful treasure trove of cars.  Turned my rental around and headed back to Bennington.

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DSC09886 (Medium)

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We had an awesome dinner, he showed me around the area a bit in his 67 Satellite Convertible with big block 383 in it.  It was an awesome way to finish the day.

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Patrick Leyendecker said...

i love your pictures, how do you find so many spots? great work but very sad...

HemiPwr70 said...

I just ask around. Follow up on leads.