There's Mopars (and other makes) in that there Hills.... Part Two

The owner of the yard and I moved further into the yard, and towards more of the barns he stores his favorite cars.  Along the way there was a little bit of everything.  Even a Plymouth Cricket and a 64 Chrysler 300 Convertible!

DSC00661 (Medium)

DSC00662 (Medium)

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DSC00664 (Medium)

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DSC00668 (Medium)

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DSC00675 (Medium)

Moving towards the one side of the yard, we came across a nice 69 Dart GT, not even a GTS, just a plain GT.

DSC00678 (Medium)

DSC00679 (Medium)

DSC00680 (Medium)

DSC00681 (Medium)

Then we moved into the second barn he had, with the cars he really likes.  Such an incredible collection of cars.  He said they all ran, and he walked over to the Barracuda and it started right up.  He had a Polara Convertible in there, a 413 Max Wedge car, and some really crazy drag cars. 

DSC00683 (Medium)

DSC00684 (Medium)

DSC00685 (Medium)

DSC00688 (Medium)

DSC00690 (Medium)

DSC00692 (Medium)

DSC00693 (Medium)

DSC00694 (Medium)

DSC00696 (Medium)

DSC00697 (Medium)

DSC00699 (Medium)

DSC00700 (Medium)

DSC00702 (Medium)

DSC00704 (Medium)

DSC00707 (Medium)

68 383 Barracuda Formula S

DSC00709 (Medium)

Custom interior on another 69 Barracuda
DSC00711 (Medium)

DSC00712 (Medium)

DSC00714 (Medium)

DSC00715 (Medium)

We walked past another small shed, that just happened to have a 73 Dodge Charger with a 440 in it.

DSC00716 (Medium)

Then we moved onto another barn he had nearby, which had even more of his favorite projects, from a Big Block first generation Charger (which I got an awesome shot of), to a 71 Demon 340 4-speed, a 73 Gold Duster 340 and everything in between.

DSC00717 (Medium)

DSC00718 (Medium)

DSC00719 (Medium)

DSC00720 (Medium)

DSC00721 (Medium)

DSC00722 (Medium)

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DSC00724 (Medium)

DSC00727 (Medium)

DSC00728 (Medium)

DSC00730 (Medium)

DSC00731 (Medium)

DSC00733 (Medium)

DSC00734 (Medium)

DSC00736 (Medium)

DSC00737 (Medium)

DSC00738 (Medium)

DSC00740 (Medium)

DSC00739 (Medium)

Right next to the barn was some lean to style buildings with large flaps of what appeared to be leather protecting the vehicles from the elements.  There was a cool 340 Road Runner hiding in there, a 64 Fury that looked good, but he said was a complete rot box underneath, and much, much more.

DSC00744 (Medium)

DSC00745 (Medium)

DSC00747 (Medium)

DSC00749 (Medium)

DSC00752 (Medium)

Then we made our way back to the front of the house.  We never did get to see the back of the yard.  I really wanted to see the other yard he had, which was hidden.  It had as the wife said, "the cars guys drool over".  So he showed me just what was around near the front of the house.  And there, sitting on a flatbed was a 73 Satellite with power sunroof, in the driveway was a early Hemi and quite a few other unique Mopars.

DSC00753 (Medium)

DSC00754 (Medium)

DSC00755 (Medium)

DSC00756 (Medium)

DSC00757 (Medium)

DSC00758 (Medium)

DSC00760 (Medium)

DSC00761 (Medium)

DSC00762 (Medium)

DSC00763 (Medium)

DSC00764 (Medium)

DSC00765 (Medium)

DSC00766 (Medium)

DSC00767 (Medium)

DSC00768 (Medium)

DSC00770 (Medium)

DSC00772 (Medium)

DSC00774 (Medium)

DSC00775 (Medium)

After this we jumped in my rental and headed to his second yard.  With a fresh battery I was back up and running with the DSLR.  And it was a good thing I had it, some of the incredible things I saw there, I don't think a point and shoot could convey.

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