Two for the Drive of One... Part Deux

On my return trip from the second junkyard, with power still in the camera, I mulled over the idea of returning to the first junkyard. I had missed taking pictures of all those amazing cars. I didn't know when I would return to the area. So I made up my mind and headed back to the first yard.

On my way back to the first yard I was going over in my mind what this guy is going to think. Here is some kid, not buying anything. Just coming in, walking around and leaving. He must think I am nuts! I guess I am a bit for doing it though.

I returned to the yard and walked in the main door. The older gentleman there says, "Weren't you here a few hours ago?" I nodded and said I wanted to take a better look at some stuff there. He said it was fine, another $2 to get in and away I went.

Sadly the yard had been crushing cars. A lot of stuff had been crushed from what I've seen and heard about. It had also rained for the past few days, so the entire place was just one giant mud pit. But I continued on.

With what power I had left, I would walk to a car, snap pictures of all the cars in the area, and turn the camera off to conserve power.

The first area had some sweet cars, Duster, Charger, 68 Mustang Fastback and a few others. They had obviously been sitting there for a while, so there must be more treasure in back.

I started wading my way to the back rows of the yard. Then I came upon a problem, the back of the yard was an actual swamp, with reeds and everything. It seemed hopeless to get to the good stuff I had heard about.

I decided to do the stupid thing, and jump from car to car, trying to get through the whole back area of the yard. And it worked fairly well; I made progress through the back rows. Slowly though at first, then I fell through a mid-70's Camaro roof, and decided to cut back my time out there.

That is when I found what I was looking for, the reason for me to come and almost kill myself. In the back of the yard, in the swap was a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T, reddish orange, white stripe, white interior.

I was so excited to find the car. It had been there for decades from what I had been told. It now sat in the swamp, water all around it. There was no VIN number or fender tag to get anymore information about the car. But I was as happy as could be. It still retained some parts I needed for my 69 Charger.

I snapped all the pictures I could of the car without endangering myself and continued on my adventure out of the swamp. I made my way to the outer fringe where there was some semi-solid and began my final walk around the place.

I came across piles of classic cars, 50's, 60's and 70's car of all makes and models. In one row were a 69 Firebird, a Javelin and a VW Bug. You never knew what you were going to find out there and I stayed as long as I could.

I finally killed all the batteries I had in my camera and pocket. I explored for a little longer and then headed back to the front of the yard. I came back with the parts I had pulled from the Charger and a few other cars. The guy gave me a good deal.

I asked him if he knew when he would get to that Charger in the back row. He didn't know, and that he didn't answer the phone much and I would have to come back and see where he was at with the crushing.

I thanked him for letting me look around and said I hoped to be back soon.

I never did return to that yard though. I just never had an opportunity to get that far south with any real free time. I hope to return to that area this summer and re-investigate the car that I saw there, who knows. Maybe that 69 Charger is still there.

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