55 Shoebox in the Barn.

I got a call at work the other day for a guy looking for some brake stuff for his car. I ask him what kind of car, 55 Chevy 210.

I told him it sounds like a sweet car. And that I am big into those older cars. He starts telling me it has been in the barn for 12 years, the brakes are all fubar and needed to be replaced. I told him I would come out and look, see what all he needs and find the stuff for him the next day.

I go out to the farm, he is retired, but the son has an excavating company, the guys farm is nice, I will get pictures when the rain stops. So here in the barn was a nice 55 Chevy 210. 4-door, original inline 6, 2 speed auto, radio delete, manual steering, etc.... Nothing too special, the 55 needed a little work here and there, but nothing too serious.

Apparently, it was to be a nice cruiser those 12 years ago. It was sitting before that and the engine needed to be rebuilt. The owner and his son rebuilt the inline six and thought all went well. They started the car up, and it ran fairly well.

Sadly, though they didn't have time to break the engine in, and the car sat for a few weeks. When they started it up again, it was smoking the whole barn up. So they put a cover on it and put it in the corner for a rainy day.

It was last registered in 1995, but who knows how long it sat before that.I went through the brakes with him and showed him in our old car book that we can get everything he needed. So I ordered it up for him.

He doesn't know if he wants to keep it though, offered it to me for $5000. I cannot take on another project at this time though, my plate is full.The son seems pretty cool also, look at what was sitting behind the barn... When the rain stops, I will go and see this one again











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