Two for the drive of one... Part One

I was browsing an online web forum when I came across a post about some junkyards in Illinois. So I begin reading the post and learn that there were some old junkyards south of the city with some real good stuff lying around.

After much researching the approximate locations, I finally narrowed down where the two junkyards were. I planned on a day in the next week to go. I got my camera all ready and my car all gassed up. The day came and I was ready to go.

I am on the road to the first junkyard and decide to check out my supplies, bottle of Diet Pepsi, map, print out of post of approximate location, and digital camera. I get to the digital camera and discover that the batteries were dead!

I didn't know what to do, turn around and return home? It took special AA batteries, would regular ones work?

I get to the approximate location of the first junkyard. It took me a while to find it though, very complicated area. By this time I still did not have a camera. So I just found the location and headed back to the highway to find the second one.

I come up to a gas station and needed to use the bathroom. I get in there and do my business, grab another pop for the road. I decided to grab some regular AA batteries for the hell of it; it might work in the camera.

I get in the car, get set to go and throw the batteries in the camera. I try to turn it on and SUCCESS! It worked, but only 25 minutes worth of power per set of batteries. So I would have to make them last.

I go through a bunch of small towns and finally come to the approximate location of the junkyard. I begin my normal search and question style. Hit up gas stations, auto part stores, etc... To see if anyone had any information about the whereabouts of this junkyard.

I get a lead on the junkyard from a young kid at a Shell Station in the town. I head out the direction he gave me and after a little drive and almost giving up hope, I found it!

I knew it was a good discovery when out front was a 64 Plymouth Valiant 4-door. I met the owner of the yard and he gave me free reign to look around, and I took full advantage of it.

Walking around was quite enjoyable to say the least. Mopars, Chevys, Fords, a little bit of everything for everyone. The first thing I came across was the enduro front end of what looked to have been a Firebird. The place was setup like a racetrack, with an outer circle and little roads between the outer drive.

I started with the outer circle to get an idea, and then began weaving in and out of the little roads. Around every corner was a different cool car. Road Runner here, 300 there. A smattering of Camaros and Firebirds.

The one that really made me stand up was a 1970 Cuda. It was limelight green, and was completely stripped. It had been there for some time, but it was in better shape then some of the other cars I had seen restored. I was able to grab the few remaining trim pieces on the car and documented it fairly well.

I came out of that yard with a sense of accomplishment. But something was missing in my day. The first junkyard was on my way home, I have a working camera now, why not go explore that one.

So after talking myself into another adventure, I went back to the first junkyard, too see what my camera had missed.

The rest of the pictures can be seen here-

Part Deux next week.














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