The hunt for a Cuda Convertible

I apologize for the delay; I recently moved back from school and returned home. At the same time my sister has graduated from University of Iowa and I became an Uncle for the first time. I will try to get back on track with weekly updates. Now back to the adventure.

I had heard from a guy in the local Mopar club that there was a 70 Barracuda Convertible sitting out in Blue Island Illinois somewhere.

So with the little information I got from my buddy, I set out the next week to find the car. The information I gathered gave me a general vicinity of where the car would be. It wasn't much to go on, but it was more then I was used to sometimes. So I had some hope, even if the area was the size of a city!

I drove my Lumina out to Blue Island Illinois and began my usual search and discover pattern. Go to the local car part stores, anything that looks to have classic cars around. One of these places must have more information as to where the car is located.

After some talking to people around the town, I narrowed it down to a few city blocks in the industrial area of town, and I begin my trek to that area, hoping to get pay dirt.

I stopped off at a 7-11 nearby to refuel and finish my little adventure. I spent most of the day driving around and going places where I had never been before. My adventure was coming to an end and I was on pins and needles.

I started my drive down the industrial area when to my left I saw the back end of a 70 Barracuda.

I did a hard u-turn and pulled up to the shop. At the time my primary digital camera was busted and I had an old beaten up one that only worked part of the time. I didn't know that at the time, but would later find out and regret it.

I talked with the owners of the shop and they let me go and look over the car. They told me that they were just storing the car for someone they knew. They gave me his number and I thanked them.

So I got outside to the car and began to think about what a project the car is. The rear half of the car was a convertible, but the front half seemed to have come from another car. The windshield frame was from a hard top just cut to look like a convertible.

There was no engine there, or transmission. It looked to have a 4-speed hump underneath a bunch of junk. The car was a complete wreck. It had rust everywhere and would require a lot of work, 99% of it was outside my ability.

I left there wondering what would become of the car. I talked to the owner that night and he said it was for sale, for a price. And it was way beyond what it was worth at the time. I told him I would pass.

I got to my computer the next day and went to upload the pictures and for some reason, only one picture came out on the camera. I was very angry, but I had to get past it. I had one decent picture, and that was all I needed.

So here is the only picture of the car I have. I was in the area last year and went by where the convertible was, it was gone. So I don't know what happened to it, I hope someone is restoring it.



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