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Sorry for the delay in posts. Family health issues have kept me away from a constant internet access. I should have time on the weekends now to get the blogs in. I still have many adventures to tell about.

In an adventure a few weeks back. I went to look at new body for my RamCharger that has sadly rotted away over the past few years. My friend had a rust free body lying around so I went to take a look. It was as described, but was asking more then I could afford for the body.

I passed on the body and continued onto my next little adventure, returning to Bruno's Junkyard, the same junkyard last seen "Two for the Drive of One: Part Deux".

A member of the Chicagoland Mopar Connection had said that Bruno's had closed. I knew that he had been crushing some of the yard the last time I had been there, but I had no idea that it had closed. So much left to explore and discover, I hoped that it wasn't true.

I drove to Bruno's location and was saddened to see that the rumors were true, Bruno's had closed. Where there were hundreds of classic cars and marsh, was now paved over. There was a few cars left, but nothing special.

I tried calling the number on the sign and no one answered. I snapped the last few pictures before leaving. Saddened that such a cool old junkyard had gone away just like so many others before it.







Thanks for keeping with this.


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