Went a hunting on a lark....

Most of my adventures nowadays take place to or from my place in Milton, WI. This is where I tend to go off the beaten trail to find new find or follow tips. Just last weekend my mother had actually found a 71 Challenger in a small town near the Illinois and Wisconsin border. It was basically on my way home, and I had nothing else to do the rest of the day, so I followed up on the Challenger, it was also the perfect time to break in my new fedorah... aka Indiana Jones hat.

It was a picture perfect day, I didn't want to leave Wisconsin, but I had to return to work the next day. So I packed up my Caprice and left around noon.

I made my way south towards the sleepy little town where the car was suppose to be.

As I drove I thought about how cool it would be to have another 71 Challenger. Perhaps a matching set? Who knows, but the closer I got, the more the excitement grew.

I got off the highway and made my way to the small town. The town surrounded a lake, but I was told I would find the Challenger on only one side, not far from the road I came into town on.

So I made my way the direction of the car and located the house where the Challenger was (My mom took a picture, nice of her wasn't it). And I went to the door and knocked, but sadly there was no one home. That made me sad, so I decided just to drive around the lake, make me feel better.

Driving around I found a 40's Plymouth and a 61 Pontiac. Nothing really that interested me until I looked across from the 61 Pontiac and I saw a white 66/67 Charger sitting in a garage. No hood on it, but complete. So I pull over and look in the back yard.

In the back yard was two more 66/67 Chargers sitting in the corner under a pine tree.

So I get out and I see a young girl in a Honda in the driveway. I ask her if she knew who owned the Chargers, and she replied that they were her fathers. She told me she would go get him for me.

This is where the nerves start going into overdrive. Will the guy be nice, or come out with a gun? I didn't know, but was hoping for the first option. He comes walking out and says, "You looking at buying a Charger?"

That's always a good sign, and I said, "Depends on the Charger."

He came over to the Caprice, and I asked him a few questions, he shows me the two Chargers in the backyard. The black one he wants to sell was originally a 318 car, but now has.... A CHEVY 283 in it!

Flabbergasted! I couldn't believe someone would do that. But the rest of the car was fairly solid, a good project. He wanted $2500 or best offer. And I seriously considered it, but at this time I have no need for another project.

I asked him about the red Charger and it was an original 383 4 barrel car with the automatic on the floor. He had began to fix it up a while back, dropped in a warmed over 440. But his main project was the white Charger in the garage.

So we made our way to the white Charger in the garage. It was an original 318 poly engine and he was redoing the wiring on it at the time. Really nice project as well.

I talked with him for a bit longer, I gave him my email and phone number and he gave me his. I told him I would be in touch and departed on good terms.

Making my way back to the Caprice I thought about how cool a 66 Charger, new 5.7 Hemi, Efi would be... then I remembered I already had the Challenger, Charger, RamCharger and other cars to worry about, but if I move the Challenger over................

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Anonymous said...

You should lightly press the shoot button a few times before you take the shot. This will allow the camera to autofocus more accurately and avoid fuzzy images. After a while this will become automatic and you can avoid bad shots. Digital cameras are funny this way. If you get a higher capacity memory card you can try two or three pics of the same thing. You can later delete the fuzzy ones, directly on the camera, without losing a scene. (Like the interiors of those Chargers.)

HemiPwr70 said...

That's true, the problem with having the owner there is you don't get many chances. So I take them quick.