Return the the west....

After a few months, I talked to my friend that I got the gas tank for my 72 from about the car I had discovered lately. I told him about the yard that I had found and told him about a few cars that could be bought.

So he and I met up at the yard and we chatted with the owner for a bit. Being a college kid, I didn't have the money the guy was asking for the car.

I showed my friend the dart by the front of the yard, the blue one in the previous post. It was not very rusty, complete stem to stern, just had a collapsed quarter from something leaning against it.

He decided to buy it, so I helped him load it on the trailer. That was an adventure in and of itself! However, once we got it on the trailer, we headed out to his place again. It was almost a 2-hour ride to his place to where the car was bought at, but it was a nice day for a drive, so I thought, what the hell.

We got to his yard without incident. The Dart stayed where it was suppose to the entire time. We grabbed some lunch on the way. We pulled into his yard and he had another few surprises for me, some new cars!

On the trailer next to where we put the Dart was a 71 Barracuda Gran Coupe. While a rare car, not overly desirable. Apparently, it was found on a farmers land, down a hill, and it took him and some of hit friends almost a full day to get it up the hill and onto the trailer. Sadly, the car was not savable, and was parted out.

Next thing he had was he picked up a few Chargers, one being a true 69 Charger R/T, but with very little left of it except some sheet metal and other odds and ends. Another 69 Charger came along with it, but was savable, and last I heard it was saved.

It was nice to sit and hang out for a bit. He had a cat that followed him around everywhere. The cat was in the cars, on the cars, just followed him wherever he went. Moreover, he told me the cat was just a stray that showed up one day. It also decided it liked me, and was hanging out with me for a bit.

I left that day not knowing if I would ever see my friend again. I transferred schools and began the next chapter in my life. I lost touch with him, and then I found his business card a while back. I sent him an email asking how he was and what he had been up too.

He had decided to sell off most of his stuff and move west. He is out in Montana now with a new collection of different cars. I hope to run into him again some day.











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