Going for a ride, for a gas tank

I had recently bought a 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger, 318, auto, 8 3/4 from my friends at the local junkyard for next to nothing. Only problem was, the gas tank was missing... and a lot of rust.

Therefore, I put out an A.P.B. for a cheap gas tank on http://www.moparts.com/. I instantly get a reply from a nice guy about an hour from me, that he has a ton of them lying around and that I could have one cheap. That was the extent of the conversation. I had no idea what would await me.

I make my way west out of Macomb and then almost directly south. It was about an hour from school, but I loved to drive, even though I did not do it that much.

I had to go down these little roads to get there, but once I did, I knew I was in Mopar Heaven. There in his field were rows upon rows of Mopars. Challengers, Chargers, Darts, Dusters, C-bodies, a little of everything was in his field.

There was the owner smiling, as I pull up he says to me, "Thought you might like to see the rest of the collection." So we walked around his yard for a few hours. Only two e-bodies at the time, a few 66-67 Chargers, a rare 69 Dart GTS with Mod Top, a 63 Nova SS Vert, 68 Camaro SS, Road Runners, etc...

He had a little bit of everything there. He showed me the yard vehicle, a bare 74 Monaco Chassis with two seats. He let me into his barn and showed me some of his projects, the ones he was cutting up, and the ones he had cut up.

Out back was the rusted remains of a 70 Coronet R/T and a few others.

I spent most of the day out by him, but I wanted to get back before the sun went down, so I paid him the little money he wanted for the gas tank, he offered me the 73 Challenger for $5000 (should have taken it), declined it, and continued on back to Macomb.

I returned about one year later, but this time I was helping him out, but that is for another blog.

Here are all the picture, with a few choice ones below.

West Central Mopar Parts


My 72 Swinger, more on that in another blog....

















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