One Charger, Two Charger, too many chargers....

While attending class at Western Illinois University, my general enjoyment of muscle cars became apparent. The fact that all I read was Mopar Muscle or Hot Rod might have tipped them off.

One day a guy comes up to me and we start chatting. He's a gear head too and we talk about the cars we own or want. And he tells me about a Charger 500 sitting out in a field near by and that it was blue. Well that was enough for me and away I went.

Driving around the west side of Macomb was definitely interesting. I passed a small grouping of old cars, but didn't see anything special. Kept on driving until I found a small salvage yard. Guy there was real friendly and said that he did have a Charger sitting in the back. I get in back and there is a 71 Charger 500 in primer. Completely apart, but everything was around it. I told the gentleman I thanked him for showing me the car and that I would be in touch.

I return to class and tell my buddy about the 71 Charger sitting in the back room of the junkyard. He looked at me funny saying that the Charger he knew of was sitting in an open field. He gave me directions and it was in the little yard I had passed earlier!

So back on the road I go. I find the little yard there and there is no one around. I get the number off the sign near there and call asking about the Charger. The guy on the other end told me that he did have one and that I couldn't go to the car until he got there. He said he would be there in a bit and to hold tight.

I wait an hour for the guy to show up and he says to go ahead. I get back in this little yard that is littered with old cars and there in the back is a 70 Charger 500. Not much left of the car though.

I snapped a few pics and went back to the front where the owner was standing and asked him if I could come back later that week to get a better look at some of the cars. He said no problem and we parted ways.

I did return later, picked a few parts, was almost arrested. But that's for another post.

71 Charger 500 in the barn.

70 Charger 500


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