A New World

As of 2002, the State of Illinois let me graduate from high school. How, I don't know, but that lead me to Western Illinois University. Where many of my greatest stories come from. The first car I found out there was a 70 Chevelle SS LS-6 car with a 4-speed.

This was in my pre-digital camera days, so the pictures aren't the clearest. But you will get the idea.

I was new to the area, began by doing the new college things, go shopping at Wal-mart at midnight for some snacks for the first weekend there. While going through the toy isle, I point out to my friend a 70 Chevelle SS toy. A woman in the isle said, "Those are cool, there is one just like it sitting over on the other side of the tracks."

I asked her if she knew exactly where the car was, and she did not. So I thanked her and continued on my shopping. Well that story got me thinking, could it be true? A Chevelle sitting near the school?

So the next day I asked my friend to go along, and we began our drive. We went up and down the streets across the railroad tracks. Things looked grim when what appeared behind a pine tree, but the Chevelle.

I could get a decent look at it. It was definitely a 70. Had the SS style stripe on it. Had SS badging and everything looked legit. Went and knocked on the door. A man that looked like he was leftover from the 70's comes to the door and tells me, "The Chevelle isn't for sale."

I told him that I was a college kid, I had no money anyhow. Just thought it was a cool car and wanted to know more about it. He then opened up and told me all about it. It is a 70 Chevelle SS. It has the LS-6 454 with 4-speed on the floor. He bought it in the late 70's sans engine and transmission, but was able to locate another 454 and 4-speed and put it in there. He's saving it one day for his kids, he has no desire to fix it up right now.

I told him thanks and if he did ever want to part with the car, I'd be happy to try and find someone to buy it.

And so it sat for the next two years while I went to school there. I later transferred to Northern Illinois University and sometimes wonder what happened to that Chevelle and alot of other cars left out that way I know of.


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