The Beginning

Well I thought I might try and start a site all about my journey around the mid-west, finding old cars in barns, fields, yards and everywhere in between. I hope that the people reading this will appreciate the finds and comment about them, and perhaps a story or two of their own finds.



Anonymous said...

Lets hears dem stories boy! Founds manys cars en dems woods me selfs two!

Bald Harry

71bigblock said...

I got a few around here. A '73 340 Barracuda sitting in a guys yard. I stopped over there and he said he ordered it new. There is no way it is moving anytime soon either. (You should see where he lives, its too bad)

A '71 Challenger R/T 340 (I think it was a 4 spd, could be a 727)

Plum Crazy, white top and interior, white R/T stripe. I dont think he would sell. He said its his retirement project that he will start in a few years. Yeah right. These are a few I know of around me.