The First Find

Many years ago, in a time I like to forget, I was in high school. I was interested in cars, but not to the extent I am now, and what do I find... a 1971 Cuda. I got my families hand me down 1990 Taurus Wagon. It was blue with the seat in the back of the car. It was definately a fun little car. It died a few months after this occured sadly.

I was having a CD player put in the wagon since the old tapedeck in there was broken. It wasn't worth getting another tape deck. So I had some friends of my father install the radio.

While waiting for them to work on the radio, they allowed me to look around the shop at some of the cars that they had there. I had my camera handy and was snapping pictures. In the center of the shop was a black car completely covered in junk from the shop. I couldn't tell what it was, until I made my way around the back of the vehicle. There I saw the 'Cuda badge. I thought to myself, holy shit, a 71 Cuda.

I uncovered the vehicle a bit, grabbed a few pictures of the car. The owner told me that the car was some drug dealers car. The guy got busted while the car was at his shop, and the car never left. Now he has the title and has no want to do anything with it. It will be for his son someday. It was just a basic a 71 Cuda. The gilled fenders, 383 auto on the column. Originally red. I talked to the owner some more and he said he'd let me know if the car ever came up for sale. It hasn't moved since that day, eight years ago.

I left that day with a new found spark in my heart. I talked to my father about the Cuda and that we should get one and put the Hemi in the garage from his original 70 Hemi Cuda in it. He agreed and that started my long downward spiral into what I have today.






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