Yard with a View

I returned to the yard where the 70 Charger sat later in the week to pull the steering wheel for a friend of mine.

The owner was in the office and I entered the yard and went straight back to the Charger. I'm no small guy, I'm fairly noticeable. Here I am in this rusted hulk of a Charger trying to pull a rusted steering wheel off when a police officer comes up next to me and asks me what I was doing.

I told the officer I was trying to pull the steering wheel off of this column. He asked me to come out of the vehicle. I came out of the vehicle and the cop informed me that I was trespassing and that I would be arrested and taken to the station.

I informed him that I had permission to be here and that the owner was in the office and was aware that I was pulling the parts off this Charger. He of course didn't believe me and put me in the back of his cruiser where then all of a sudden the owner of the yard comes running out telling the officer that I was allowed to be there and that I had his permission to be at the Charger.

The officer then released me and said he was sorry, they had a problem with people stealing and that I was just another punk kid. I told him that maybe next time don't jump to conclusions.

I go back to the yard and finally get the wheel pulled and begin browsing the yard. The guy had quite the collection of cool old muscle. From a 65 Belvidere, Cutlass S and Cutlass vert. Sad that they were all in different states of dis-repair. There were a few good projects there to be had, but the guy wanted more then they were worth and I passed on them.

I still remember sitting on the buddy seat of that 70 Charger, had some really cool options, maybe I'll go back sometime and see if the vehicle is still there. Might be worth saving in today's muscle car crazy world.



This might not be big for anyone else... but this was the first RamCharger I found in a junkyard... made me very happy at the time!








Too view all the pictures from this yard, please follow the link below.



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