Abandoned Goat

While doing my weekly activity of driving around the countryside looking for old cars, I would normally not find anything. Then one week in September I was out for a drive when I made a turn to go return to school and I thought I saw something sitting next to a old house nearby.

I turn back around and head down the road, to discover a GTO sitting next to an old house. I was in complete astonishment! Here, in the open sat rough, but nice GTO. How could this thing have survived so long?

I didn't have much time to sit around, so I snapped a few pics from the road. When talking with some local friends of mine about the car, they all knew about it. I almost beat them to the ground for not telling me. They then told me that the woman that owned it has had it since new and won't move on it. She will keep it for her kids, or their kids, but it isn't going anywhere.

So there the old girl sits, slowly rusting away, hoping to cruise in the future.




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