The 72 Charger

With yet another free weekend at WIU, I decided to go hunting again. I had heard tales of a car sitting east of the school in a small town. Well there are many small towns east of the school, so I had much of ground to cover.

Heading east out of Macomb there wasn't much there. I would hit up a small town and drive around, looking for any sort of muscle cars. It wasn't until after noon that I finally found one, a 1972 Dodge Charger.

Sitting behind an old house, along with some late 70's Dodge trucks sat this derelict 72 Charger. It had looked as though it had been there for many years.

I parked my Lumina (cheap driver) and knocked on the door. A middle aged man came to the door and told me that the Charger wasn't for sale. I told him I'm a poor college student, I barely have enough money to eat, none the less buy another muscle car. He walked me around the car, it was a 318 car originally, now with a 360, automatic, not running when I had seen it. He said the car hadn't moved in a few years, but he planned on working on it with his son in the future.

I left that day and told the man that if he did ever decide to sell the car, let me know, I'd like first shot at it. So I left and continued on my way.

I would go past that Charger every few months, seeing if it was still there. It never moved in the two years I was at WIU. Been a little over 5 years now and I wonder if the Charger is still there.




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