Friends in Good Places

When I got settled in at WIU, I went around to the local junkyards to see if they had anything good. Oh boy I was not prepared for what I found.

At the local junkyard, literally right down the street from the school there was a small junkyard. Nothing could be seen from the road cause it was all fenced in. So I went in there asking them if they had any old car... the young lady there said they did and to go ahead and walk around.

I began walking around and my mouth dropped. There was many old cars lying around, an old Comet, Trans Am, G-37, and a few nice mopars!

There were a few restorable ones there, but nothing overly serious. So I said thanks and continued on my way. Over the two years I lived at WIU I became very good friends with the junkyard owners. I was over there all the time helping them out with tows and cars.

I almost adopted one of the cats from the yard, named Sturgis. He would follow me from car to car, actually lay on my shoulder while I would work on this and that.

I bought a few cars from them, mainly two Dodge Darts, a 72 Dodge Dart Swinger with 318, auto on the column, a/c and an 8 3/4 rear. It was a decent car, but had alot of rust in the front floor pans. I also purchased a 74 Swinger, which I kinda forgot to pick up, and is probably crushed out there now.

These are some of the best times I spent at WIU with my friends there. And they lead me onto many good cars sitting out there, and I'll continue their story in future installments.







My Old 74 Swinger







Here is my 72 Swinger

Too see all of the pictures, follow this link.

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