Nice long day

I've been doing some hunting lately, so I'm going to try and throw some newer adventures in here mixed in with the old. You will be able to tell them apart from the different color used in the font. I hope everyone enjoys the newer adventures as much as I did.

It was a few weeks ago when a member on informed me of a Demon sitting up near Rockford IL for many years. I'm a big fan of the little a-body and decided on my next day off I'd like to go and try and find it.

I was lucky enought that my two classes at the end of the day were cancelled, getting me out of class at 12:30. So I hopped on the bus home and jumped in my old trusty RamCharger and started heading north.

It wasn't a mile when I remembered that I had heard about another green Mopar supposidly sitting in a nearby town, that was sort of on my way north. So I dug the directions out of my pocket and headed west.

I came to where the car was supposed to be sitting, but I didn't see anything. I didn't think the car actually existed, nor did I even know what kind of mopar it was, just that my friend told me it was a "bright green mopar."

I made a right turn and began heading north again, when low and behold, there sitting next to the barn was a 1970 Dodge Superbee! Sublime green, and from the looks of it, sitting for a fairly long time. I didn't see any cars in the driveway, and I am all for personal property, so I grabbed a few snapshots from the public road and continued on my way north. I will return there sometime soon though to investigate the car further.

I decided to take the backroads north, always more fun. I'm driving north along who knows what roads and I see an old boxcar on the left hand side. I was intregued and slowed down. Well a few feet away from the box car sat a 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass.

Sitting there in the farmers field, the Cutlass was in bad shape. I talked to the father of the owner who was there. He told me his son blew the engine up in 1984 and never fixed it, just put it in the field and left it there. He planned on fixing it someday he said, but didn't know when.

The father allowed me to take a look at the Cutlass up close. It was a really nice car at one time. Red car, with vinyl top, red rally wheels, white interior, floor shift automatic with console, and what looked like a rally gauge cluster.

I thanked the older gentlman and continued on my way. I stopped by on my way up there where there was suppose to be a Hemi Superbee sitting. I saw an older lady outside when I pulled up and told her that I had heard a story about this barn. That there was a cool old car in it.

She said no, no cars in there, just old furniture. I asked her if she had ever heard the story, and she hadn't heard that before either. I then asked if she knew the previous people who had lived there. She couldn't remember. So I thanked her for her time and continued on my adventure up north.

The rest of the trip north was uneventful. After the little side trip to find the Hemi Superbee, it wasn't long before I came to the area the Demon was suppose to be sitting. I began my drive slowly up the road to where the car was suppose to be sitting. As I got to a landmark that was my marker that I had gone to far, there to my right was a yellow/rust colored Demon.

It was fairly complete and could still see a "340" stickers on the quarter panels. Sadly my timing is as great as ever, and there was no one home. So I yet again grabbed a few pictures from the public road and continued on my merry way to another supposid stash of cars sitting in Rockford.

Well I continue on my little way north toward Rockford. I know the approximate location of where the cars are suppose to be sitting. So I am in the general location and find where the cars are suppose to be. There is suppose to be a 70 Challenger and 68 Dart GTS sitting in the yard.

I get there and talk to the person in the office, and they send me to a guy I'll call, Bob. Bob then tells me that they got rid of those cars a long time ago, they saved the console from the Dart and sold the Challenger to another guy. I was saddened, but he then told me he had a few more darts, all 340 cars sitting a few miles away, and that I could come view them tomorrow if I wanted too.

Sadly I couldn't make it cause school and work, but I took his card and said I'd love to come see them in the future. So I drove around Rockford for a bit trying to find a nice place to eat, couldn't find anything. So I turned the truck around and headed home. Thinking it was nice day for a drive, and some really cool finds.









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