SuperBird in the Barn: Birds of a Feather....

The last stop on this train was to TJ's large barn. It is where he stored all of his more prized collectibles. It was on our way back to TJ's home. I had been there before, and it was quite a sight back then, he told me he put many of his cars in there to keep them out of the elements. So this was going to be interesting.

Pulling up to the barn there isn't any indications anymore of what is in the barn. All the cars that once littered the area are now in the barn. TJ pulled out the keys and opened the door. It was quite the site.

He had taken all of the really cool and interesting cars and packed them into one barn. First car was a 71 Road Runner, 383 3-speed manual on the floor that was Gun Metal Gray, next to that was a 69 Charger that once had a 383. Not an R/T, but still a really nice car, TJ's going to make it into his General Lee clone one day. The last one in the first row was a 69 Road Runner, 383 4-speed that has the air grabber hood.

Behind the 71 Road Runner was another 69 Road Runner that was a 383 car. Next to that was additional 71 Road Runner, 383 4-speed car that once had an air grabber hood. It was stolen from the car when it used to sit out front of his shop.

Just on the other side of the main rows was a nice 70 Charger, I believe it was a bare bones car, had 14" hub caps and everything. But at one time the car was a real looker, white interior, blue body with a white vinyl top.

Then came the crown jewel, the 70 Superbird. TJ had owned it since the 80's. Original 440-6 bbl car. Someone stole the entire top end off the car when it used to sit next to his shop. The car was originally Alpine White. But sometime in TJ's ownership he changed it to Petty Blue, then got caught up with other work and put the Bird away for a rainy day. He does plan on getting the Bird going soon though. He has everything he needs to do it as well.

In the last row was a 68 Road Runner with a 383 that was in good shape. And right next to the Superbird was yet another 69 Road Runner. All in restorable condition. Safe and sound out of the elements, waiting for the day when they can yet again frolick on the roads.

TJ actually opened the front doors of the barn so I could get more light for some of the larger shots. If it wasn't for all the snow, I could have gotten more comprehensive shots of the collection. But these aren't half bad.

This marked the end of our little adventure. Time had run out for me, I had to get going. The weather was getting worse, I still had a stop to make in Macomb and I already was going to be driving at night, which I'm no big fan of.

I got TJ back home safe and sound, after showing him what the new Challenger R/T is capable of (he asked) on a nice deserted road in the middle of nowhere. TJ gave me his new card so I could give him a call next time I was out that way. TJ gave me some information on Ramo and the 71 Road Runner and I said my goodbyes and headed out.

On my way home I was cruising on I-88 and in the middle of a dense fog another Challenger, an SE just happens to find me. I thought it was ironic that I didn't see one the entire trip on the road, and one finds me in the myst. I made it home safe and sound. Just trying to figure out where to go next!



Anonymous said...

I graduated from NIU in 72 and 75. I enjoyed your blog. How long have you had this? I'm working on a 76 Dodge W 100 with a 440. Kind of fun but every little project is a pain.

Anonymous said...

Very shorts, simple and easy to understand, bet some more comments from your side would be great said...

Those are some amazing finds. I kept looking for tv/movie cars in your photos. Nice blog!

butch evans said...

when i was kid in the early 70,s i saw a white superbird in hendersonville n.c. i just wonder if that bird is the same one thanks for posting your story and photos great job Butch

Anonymous said...

Wow a super bird in a barn. Remember an orang one sitting in a drive way near BurrRidge Illinois for the longest time was in a subdivison off of route 83 and 91st street wonder what ever happened to that car. hopefully wasn't raced down the road at santafe speedway

Anonymous said...

It was extremely interesting for me to read the blog. Thanx for it. I like such topics and everything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

Bella Simpson

Glenn said...

I love those cars! shame they're being hoarded :p