Crazy Bee's and Purple E's

This past summer I attended the Chicagoland Mopar Connections car show in Belvedere, IL. A wonderful show with some of the best Mopars you will see anywhere.

Rob Wolf of Mopar Collectors Guide was on hand signing up subscriptions to MCG. I lead the MoPowered Tour with him this summer and we had a blast.

I had told him all about the Psycho 70 Superbee with the insane Bee's painted all over it that was about a half hour from the show. He was up for a little adventure, so we headed west.

After getting a bit lost, finding an old Duster flopper drag car, we made it to the Bee, and oh boy was it different.



The plant growth had completely covered one Challenger so much I thought it had actually gone, the other one was partially covered. The 70 Psycho Bee was almost unreachable. The 69 Charger and Chevelle were fine.



We talked to the owners son for a bit, he said that there was no plans for anything to be done anytime soon with them.



Rob couldn't even get to the Bee to fully inspect it. That was the worst part. All that way and we couldn't even see the car fully.





Our merry little band headed back to Belvedere and got ready for the full show on Sunday. I headed North to my families Summer place for the night, while Rob had a hotel in town.

The following day, I headed to Belvedere to join in the show from Wisconsin. I had heard from my friends Mark and Scott about a 70 Purple Challenger ironically somewhere along my route. So I did some exploring before the show, and low and behold I found it.


It pays off to follow up on these stories. You never know what you are going to find. I pulled into the driveway and talked to the owner of the Challenger for a bit. The car was a 70 Challenger with a 340 and is an automatic. Been sitting for a few years because of the bad economy.



He pulled the cover off and allowed me to photograph the car. He mentioned it wasn't for sale, that he hoped to fix it up one day.



I talked for about a half hour with the owner. And then I had to get to the show. I got there and spent the rest of the day with good friends, enjoying an excellent car show.

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