SuperBird in the Barn: The Gates to Mopar Heaven

TJ and I made our way to his land in the town nearby. This location is where I discovered the first time I traveled to TJ's shop. Coming down the main road through town, just off the road is TJ's main facility where he works on the cars and stores some of his cars.

In his shop he has a 70 Road Runner, 383 with a 4-speed that had an Air Grabber. Unfortunately somewhere in the past 5 years, someone stole the Burnt Orange Air Grabber off the car when it was still outside. That had happened to one of his 71 Road Runners before as well. Another project in the shop was a 73 Road Runner that was a 340 4-speed car.

In TJ's office he had memorabilia from years of collecting cars and such. He had a picture of the 70 Superbird Richard Petty was given by Chrysler after the 70 season... when it was sitting in the weeds!

Just outside the shop there was a few muscle cars lying around of TJ's collection, and some other odd ball stuff. A Magnum or two, few Chargers, a Diplomat Cop Car and a Crosley!

Along with the Chargers and Magnums, there was a nice factory 440 Club Cab Dodge Truck as well as an 71 Satellite dirt tracker and a few other odd balls, like a 75 Road Runner.

Walking down the road to one of his storage areas, he keeps a good assortment of muscle cars nearby. Just off the road is two 68 Chargers that are well beyond savable, one had a tree growing through it at one time (root style blower...nah). Among the first group of cars was two 73 Road Runners, a 68 Satellite 4-door, and the bottom half a 70 Road Runner.

The last group of cars he had on site were some of the coolest, 70 Charger 500, Dodge Mirada, 71 Coronet 4-door Cop Car, 70's Ford LTD Cop Car with 429. Along a few other older race cars, 75 Fury and a few mid-70's Chargers.

In the last group of cars in the immediate area there was a 70 Superbee that was a 383 big block car, with a automatic on the column. Next to that is a 70 Charger SE along with the remains of a 70 Road Runner. There was another 73 Charger and a few other random cars strewn about.

We had one more place to go too, the large barn he has, that stores the really good stuff he has collected. Including a smattering of Road Runners, Chargers, and a 70 SUPERBIRD.

That's for tomorrow though.

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Jonathon Ruzich said...

the green '75 pickup pictured is my old truck!! I bought it when I turned sixteen then sold it to TJ a few years later when the tranny went. So cool to see that old truck again!