Daytona in the Barn: The Field, Part Two

Walking back in the thick of cars, right in front of me is a 68 Chrysler 300 2-door. It was a beautiful car at one time. Blue with a black top I believe. That would have been one heck of a cruiser back then. I don’t know what kind of engine was in there, but could have been a 440.



Next to the 300 was a car that I couldn’t identify. The front end was covered in foliage and missing the grille. I could make out the silhouette of a late 60’s B-Body and that is about it. I found out though that it was/is a 69 Dodge Superbee, 383 4-speed car in B5 or B7 blue. I believe the dual scoop hood in the back of the grain truck probably came from this car. The car was in very sad shape, to bad. It was at one time a very beautiful Dodge.





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The back row of this field started with some innocent A-bodies. There started a nice petty blue Duster. I don’t know engine or such, but the car was originally a Petty white car, white stripe, and white vinyl top and interior. So it was a sharp car back when. It was sad to see her in such disrepair. (Another Roots Blower)


Next to the Petty Blue Duster was a 72 Duster, how do I know that it was a 72 Duster… Shad’s 73 Duster now has the tail lights and everything out of it! He cut the whole back of the car off. Along side the 72 Duster was a 65 Coronet that was in really nice shape… on the one side. The other side wasn’t as nice. But it looked like it could have wheels put on the old girl and driven out of there.





Along comes a unique Charger. It is a 66/67, which is a cool car, but on the side of the car there was some lettering on the side that says “Can I Get Down” or something like that. I don’t know if that was just some vintage flash nor was some sort of saying on the side of a drag car. The car didn’t look like a drag car, so I’ll just chock it up to someone having some fun!






The nicest/worst car to be back there was next. A real 70 Charger R/T, a 440 with an auto on the column, bench seat car! The car was Burnt Orange exterior with a black interior and a GATOR GRAIN TOP, along with A/C and a host of other accessories. It was an incredible car originally. Our host even said he wishes he hadn’t put the car down there. If someone really wanted to pull the car out and restore it, I’m sure they could.








A 69 Road Runner had taken up another spot next to the 70 Charger. A 383 car, I didn’t take a good look at the old girl. I was still in shock over the 70 Charger R/T. The Road Runner was in very rough shape, well beyond a normal restoration. The car looked to have been a sharp one at one time, a Bronze car with a black interior.





The last two cars in the row was a 65 Belvedere that was put together from two cars from the looks of it. And a 75 Road Runner ended the row. That was the one hell of a grouping of Mopars. From A-body to B-body with a C-body thrown in it was almost all there. Some of the coolest Mopars around, and they were sitting in a nice little row next to a stream bed.





Moving forward again, there was a really sharp 72 Monaco 4-door C-body Cruiser. I love those hideaway headlights on that model. One the one side of the Monaco was a 69 Dart GTS 340. A good friend of mine used to tell me about his brother’s 340 69 Dart GTS and how it was almost unbeatable. This one was dark green, with a black vinyl top and a black interior. I believe the hood was the one that was seen in Barn Three. There were too many leaves around to see if the engine was the original 340, but I hoped not, it had been uncovered to the elements for a very long time! On the other side of the Monaco was a 65 Satellite and the 70 Superbee along with the 68 300 completing the row.










Across from the GTS was a nice 70 Fury II 4-door. A nice cruiser for the day, it still looks like it could rumble to life and drive out of there! Behind the Fury were the remains of another B-body we all discovered. One that had been cut up long ago to save other cars.



That was the vast majority of cars that our host had sitting out there. On our way back to the truck there was just two move cars I hadn’t inspected very well on my first tour through. A 40’s I believe Dodge Business Coupe and an E-body Cuda. We actually found a seat with “original” wool seat covers that Shad needed for his Duster, but it was fitting that it would end the day with an E-body, since it was the vehicle we had seen the fewest of on the trip.



The E-body showed that it was in fact a ‘Cuda. The VIN was gone so I couldn’t read what it had originally, could have been a 340 car or 360 car I guess. But it was long past being saved. Here is another example of a car that gives its life to save others.






The group all chatted for a while about the car, people we know and what we are going to do next. So we hopped into the truck and headed back to the main house. We all talked there for quite a while, about the past and the future. I was the youngest in the group, and most bright eyed I think. I didn’t know where to start or stop talking. I was just talking and talking, trying to absorb so much information from such and incredible gentleman.

Sadly time did catch up with us and the expedition had to part company with our host, but not before we all gave Scott’s incredible Superbird a once over. Ironically his Bird has the wrong air cleaner, and our host said he probably had the right one and to look for it the next time we all came over!



We said our goodbyes and jumped (carefully) into the Superbird. As we pulled out of the driveway I went to the guys “Frak! Did that really just happen?!?!” Shad laughed and thought it was funny not telling us about what the guy had, and Scott just had this funny smile on his face the rest of the day.


As we headed back to town, we weren’t quite done with finding Cars in Barns….

THE LAST INSTALLMENT…. Daytona in the Barn: After the Barns… oh yeah there’s more.

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