Daytona in the Barn: Barn Three and Immediate Area

Barn Three: The Cattle Barn and the Immediate Area

Our little expedition made our way outside of the second barn and were just hanging around. I thought that we had done the tour, gotten the t-shirt and were on the downhill of an adrenaline spike. There was still a few Mopars in the immediate area. So while our host and my friends were chatting I walked around a bit.

Walking around next to the third barn was a well picked over Plymouth Duster. It wasn't anything special, but it was a old Mopar. So it deserved some attention. It was a green on green car from the looks of it. Has some parts left on it, sad to see it though just sitting there, watching over the fields.





Nearby was a 65 Satellite parts car. It has the V8 emblem, so it could be a small block or big block car. This car looked as though many of its parts would be used for one of the other half dozen 65 Satellites he has.



Walking back towards Barn Three was a really nice old 70's Dodge Extended Cab pickup. The kind you would find on farms. It was in pretty decent shape. Sure there was rust, but nothing compared to the rust in my 93 RamCharger. I wouldn't mind dragging that thing out of there and getting it going! Would be one nice parts hauler.



After looking at the truck, I turned around to find the third barn had a large open area that opened up to the truck that was also full of parts! Hood, bumpers, seats, fenders, almost anything was in this little nook. And that got the wheels running in my head, could there be MORE in this barn?





I walked over to where the group was chatting and asked if I could open the door to the third barn, he said sure. And we opened it up and I was in the back of the previous opening. I thought that was cool, then from the left side I see Shad and Scott pop their heads out of a hole in the wall, there was more!



Walking in through the other door, you could hardly walk there was so many WONDERFUL parts. In the rafters was grilles from Challengers and Chargers that I could see, and each stall was full of different things, some were full of seats, others of hoods.






In the middle of the walkway was what I think was an late 60's A-body 4 piston disk brake setup still on the k-member. Also in the hall way was some doors and a trunk lid from a 68 Road Runner or Satellite. All the pieces, while dirty was in great condition. There was even some sort of original drag racing Mercury Comet GT? hood in there along with all the Mopar stuff.






Spending some time in there going through the different stalls, I was just in wonderment of what he all had. I thought I had seen some crazy collections before, but this was just insane!



I finally emerged from the third Barn to find my Scott just smirking from ear to ear, and Shad was just shaking his head back and fourth as I began ranting about what I had just seen, like a kid going to the candy store! They laughed and we all were chatting again, then our host dropped another bombshell.... wanna see the other 30 cars out back?!?!?!?!?!.... There was MORE!

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