Daytona in the Barn: The Field, Part One

There was more then just the three barns? I didn’t know how that could be? I mean, I just had multiple heart attacks and was pretty light headed. Could I take more?... Well of course I could, but it just kept getting crazier and crazier!

My friend Shad asked our host (Dad?... I can only hope.) If we could walk down to the cars in the field. I was all set, I had the adrenaline pumping, my jacket off and I was ready to rock. But our host said to jump in the truck. So we obliged and jumped in the bed (well I sat on the tail gate, I’m not one for jumping). And he drove us down to the field.

At first you really don’t see anything other then the fields of corn and the stream bed with a bunch of trees. I’m a camping fan, and this looked like an incredible spot to camp, trees, and a nice bubbling brook. I could spend a summer there… and then we came upon the cars, and what a sight they were.




I could see groupings of cars and truck all down the area. All sorts of vehicles from 70’s Dodge Trucks to 72 Cuda (These 2 Barracudas were the “E-body Collection”). My eyes were growing bigger and bigger. Our host stopped the truck and we jumped off. And we all went our separate ways. Similar to the scene in the 1971 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where all the kids and grown ups scatter in the chocolate room to enjoy a different candy.

Always being the one to do things in order I started at the front of the row and made my way back into the larger and larger groupings.

But up front was a 72 Barracuda. Almost completely stripped, our host tried to move it recently and it began to buckle from the rust. So he put

her back down and lets her die in peace.




Up front is the Dodge Trucks group. A really cool 70’s Dodge Crew Cab that I would LOVE for a part hauler and car hauler. Behind that was a few standard Dodge Trucks, one with a camper on it, another that was a tow truck. And a 50’s Dodge Truck.







Making my way forward there was, guess what, a 65 Satellite. It was complete and while sitting in a hedge, the underneath I don’t think would be that good. But the real interesting car was next to the Satellite. It looked to be an early 60’s Chrysler 300 or New Yorker that had been sitting in the same spot for so long that a tree had actually grown up and around the engine! (Insert first roots style blower joke here). It had a beautiful tree that had grown out of the engine bay and was slowly

reclaiming the remains of a Chrysler. Absolutely incredible.





Making my way to the next row was some mid-60’s Mopar Muscle. A 66/67 Dodge Coronet Convertible and a 66/67 Dodge Charger was a nice matching pair. They both looked like they had seen better days and was past the point of restoring, but from the dead shall come many parts.





Kitty corner from the B-body Duo was a set of triplets, well A-bodies that is. A 74ish Dart Swinger, 67 Barracuda that had an incident with a light pole many years ago and around the 273 a tree had sprung up and taken residence. (Insert 2nd Root Blower joke). Just next to the Barracuda was what I believe was a 70ish Dart. It had been hit in the front end at one time and I forgot to look inside or at the tail lights. Sitting next to the 70 Dart was a 74 Dodge Truck that was in a sharp orange color and looked to be in good shape.







The next row had a Chrysler C-Body 4-door and a early Dodge B-body 4-door. Both had been sitting there for a very long time, and that time had taken its toll on the old girls. They probably won’t move from their spots anytime soon, unless you cut down the trees in the engine bay. (Yet another roots style blower joke)





In the next row was a 69 Dodge Charger that had been left out there for parts on the other half dozen 69 Chargers he had lying around. It actually didn’t look to bad, looked better then some of the projects some of my friends have had! In the same row with the Charger was a 66/67 Dodge Coronet 4-door and a very interesting 65 Satellite that at one time had something rather large sticking out of the hood, and I don’t mean a tree either. (No roots style blower joke here). Our host didn’t know what was in there either, he got it that way.






Directly in front of the B-bodies and along the same line as the Chrysler C-body was another large C-body. A 73/74 (I think) Chrysler New Yorker 4-door. This thing is an air craft carrier. I think they floated it down the stream to get to where it sits now. That big old C-body must have been one hell of a cruiser at one time.




Moving my way forward there was another Charger, another 69 sitting on the outside of the row, along with a 40’s Dodge and another 66/67 Charger. The 69 wasn’t to bad either. It is still a good project car for someone who had the time. The car looked complete from stem to stern from the looks of it.





Just before a trailer was another B-body, a 66/67 Coronet again, this one was another Convertible. So sad to see such a cool car, especially a convertible laid up back here. But I’m sure there’s a reason it is there. In the trailer was some more car parts, some NOS, some not. But kept out of the bad weather and protected.




Just after this Trailer is when I met up with the group again, and entered the thick of the cars in the field.



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