Tale of Two Ram's

I had gotten into a little accident with my RamCharger a few weeks back while on my way to a Napa dinner. So my daily driver was a little worse for wear, but definately not down.

I made a post about my misfortune on
http://www.ramchargercentral.com/ about my stupidity and that I'd be looking for some "new" parts for the truck.

I get a response from a IL member. His name is John and he was parting a whole bunch of 91-93 Dodge trucks for his Cummins project, and said if I needed any parts, It would be $50 for anything off the front end. So I said that I would take him up on the deal and love to see some projects of his.

So I finally get out there. I went by a local pick-n-pull and they had a 72 Chevelle and 67 Cougar. Then I pick John up and we head out to the barn.

Get to the barn and there is a 72 Satellite sitting, and his 64 Polara. There were his parts trucks too. His friends shop had a sweet restored 50's Chrysler and a Plymouth "suburban" wagon.

It was snowing and getting cold, but we grabbed the parts for my truck.

I took John to his home and we chatted about RamChargers and I drove back to DeKalb. In a snowstorm with a trailer. Kinda hairowing. But fun now that I can look back at it.



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