Flower Garden Barracuda

This was a complete accident finding. It is such an odd place for a car to be, I still cannot believe I found it, well what is left of it.

I was going through a town near school as I had done many times before. I had some friends on the other side of town, and would always go a different way through the town to get to their place. On this trip, I was going past an old trailer, admiring some of the very nice vegetation near by, when I noticed the form of a car.

It was not just any car, it was a Plymouth Barracuda. At the time, I could only make it out at an early 64/65 Barracuda. I pulled over and knocked on the door of the trailer, and an older woman came to the door stating, "The old car isn't for sale".

I told her that I was just a car enthusiast and was wondering if I could look at the car. It was an odd car, and just wanted to take a look. She said it was all right and I went into the garden.

I pulled up the corner of the tarp and saw it had V8 emblems and the 64/65 front end. I did not pop the hood, as the woman was watching. I grabbed a few snapshots, covered the car back up, and was on my way.

The car did not move for all the years that I was there at WIU. I took another snapshot a year later, as the tarp had flown off, but that was once a really cool car. Now it is a really cool car, in a flower garden.






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