Satellite in the Barn... partially...

I was at the junkyard in Macomb and the owner was laying gravel in the main area outside the office. So back and fourth to the quarry he would go in an old large dump truck.

Sara and I were just chilling in the office, chatting about cars and weather, etc. And the owner asked if I'd like to tag along on a run. I said sure, no problem. So we jumped in the truck and away we went.

I knew approximately where the quarry was, it off one of the main roads out of town. It would take us still a little time in the old truck to get there though. The owner and I chatted about cars mostly, the cars he's had, my cars. What he wanted to do with all the gravel.

We are en-route to the quarry and are off onto the side road already when out of the corner of my eye, I see something sticking out of a barn. I asked the owner if he knew what it was, he said a Dart or something. I asked if on the way back, we could slow down so I can catch a better look of the car. He said no problem.

On the way back, we slowed down by the barn. I looked at the car and saw it was a 66/67 Satellite or GTX.

Very excited, once we returned, and I helped them move the gravel with the Bobcat they have there, I was off in the RamCharger.

I retraced my steps back to the barn. I put the truck at the edge of the driveway, that way if I had to make a quick getaway, I

I went and knocked on the door. An older gentleman came to the door and I introduced myself. Said I'm a big Mopar nut and saw your Satellite sitting out here, was wondering what was the story with it.

I didn't ask if the car was for sale, I just wanted to hear the story, cause to me, that is part of the patina of the car. The story that it has.

He showed me the car, we went through it. It was a 66 Satellite, 318 Poly, automatic on the floor. He drove it for years, then the gas crunch hit, and he would just move it around his property for the next 20 years.

Recently though, the car's brakes had deteriorated. The brake lines had rotted away and he no longer had the ability to stop the car, so there it sat.

He told me about how he loved to cruise in that car back in the day. He wanted to get the car fixed up some day. I offered my services, for anything he would need. Just to let me know. And if he ever did decided to let the car go, I'd give it a very good home.

I gave him my phone number and address, told him to keep in touch. I left there and have yet to return. I wonder if that old Satellite is still sitting in that barn?






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