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This is expanded coverage from the Hot Rod Magazine article from the October 2012 issue. 

Hot Rod Magazine, October 2012 Issue

I flew out to North Carolina to visit some friends that had moved out there the previous summer. I flew in on a Friday night and by Saturday, we were on our way to a mysterious yard in the hills. That supposedly was full of Fords that my friend had seen while house hunting the year before. 


Well it wasn't hard to find, my friend had documented the location. The funny thing was, when we arrived at the location, my friend drove past the place and parked around the corner. He thought that we would just snap some pictures from the road and continue on with our day... I had much different plans.
I informed him to turn around and pull in the driveway, all the owner could do is shoot us. So we turned around and pulled in. The owner of the yard came walking up (without a gun) and we informed him who we were and what we wanted to do. He was more then happy to let us wander the yard and snap pictures and talk cars. When you first walked in, you could see some sheds full of Fords, you couldn't tell what kind though. 

DSC07710 DSC07712 DSC07714 DSC07717 

Then once you got away from the shed, you could really look around and see how deep the yard goes. 

DSC07719 DSC07721 DSC07722 DSC07723 DSC07724 DSC07725 DSC07727 

Viewing the yard, I would say a good 80% of it was all Fords. With a Chrysler, some Plymouth's, DeSotos and Pontiacs thrown in to shake things up. 

DSC07730 DSC07732 DSC07735 DSC07737 DSC07744 DSC07745 DSC07753 DSC07754 

There was some cars from later eras there as well. Including a very beautiful 1961 Ford Galaxy Convertible. 

DSC07755 DSC07756 DSC07757 DSC07758 

Can we say Hemi? 

DSC07761 DSC07764 DSC07765 DSC07769 

Of course there was more Fords.

DSC07767 DSC07770 

And a Mercury.

DSC07772 DSC07773 DSC07776 DSC07778 DSC07781 DSC07782 DSC07783 DSC07786 DSC07787 DSC07789 DSC07790 DSC07791 DSC07792 DSC07793 DSC07797 DSC07798 DSC07800 

Way back in the yard there was stuff even hiding among the trees. And for some, the trees grew through the cars. And then sometimes you saw the craziest things.

DSC07802 DSC07806 DSC07807 DSC07810 

A lone VW Bus. 
DSC07812 DSC07811 

A roots style blower if I have ever seen one! 

DSC07814 DSC07819 DSC07823 DSC07829 DSC07830 DSC07832 DSC07836 DSC07837 DSC07841 DSC07842 DSC07843 DSC07844 DSC07845 

The Pontiac... 

DSC07849 DSC07850 

He also had a thing for Pontiac Firebird fenders....


Then we made our way to the front of the yard, with the owner showing us the first car he ever owned, tucked safely behind the main barn. 

DSC07854 DSC07859 

The first car.

DSC07862 DSC07864 DSC07863 

We thanked him for showing us around, it had started to rain harder. He told us quickly how he had to start selling some of the cars because the county was wanting him to clean the place up.

I told him we would spread the word, but he preferred that I only tell people local. So if you are in North Carolina let me know! 

That might have been the end of that adventure, but the weekend still had a lot more to share. Which I will finish up with next week! 


You can see all the pictures though below. 

Fields of Fords and More PICTURES

Ryan Brutt 
The Automotive Archaeologist

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