Hot Rod Magazine changes for the better!

Well it is officially the first update for July and big things are happening! 

I was offered an opportunity by David Freiburger, Head editor of Hot Rod Magazine, to write for the magazine about my Expeditions There will be some never published adventures shown first in Hot Rod, then trickle their way down to the blog.

2012-07-08 14.12.50 

But they are on a monthy schedule, this blog might be going to the same schedule, after the magazine comes out I will post a blog. We will see, you can always see what I am doing on my Facebook site, just search for The Automotive Archaeologist on there. 

They thought that the Daytona on the Farm story would be a great way to debut the column. So that is what is in the Sept issue. But next month and the next two after that should be completely new adventures. 

DSC00003 DSC04081  

Let me know if you know anything cool hanging out in the Mid-West or Great Lakes region, I might just come out and see it! 

You can pick up Hot Rod at most Auto Parts Stores, Grocery Stores and many other places in between.

Ryan Brutt 
The Automotive Archaeologist


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I have always enjoyed your blog and now it gets a biggers audience. Good luck.

James said...

Will you please post a link to your Blog at The Hot Rod Community? Our members will love it.
Members include: Hot Rod Owners, Enthusiasts, Experts, Dealers, Collectors, Customizers, etc.
It's easy to do, just cut and paste the link and it automatically links back to your website. You can also add Photos, Videos and Classifieds if you like.
Email me if you need any help or would like me to do it for you.
Please feel free to share as often and as much as you like.
The Hot Rod Community:
I hope you consider sharing with us.
Thank you,
James Kaufman, Editor

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