A few B-bodies just lying around

I had heard from a friend of mine about some B-bodies sitting out behind a shop near his work. I was heading out that way for the Mecum Classic Car Auction in Saint Charles, Illinois so I thought I would drive by and see if I could find the cars in question.

The cars were not very hard to find. The directions my friend gave me lead me right to them. If they were all just that easy! I walked in the front door and presented myself and what I was doing. The owner was more then happy to show me some of his projects and drag cars, which he had a few of! Including a original 69 COPO Camaro that was now a full out Pro-Street drag car.

Sitting out back were a few parts cars the guy had. He had actually restored a few Mopars over the years and these were the extra cars he had just lying around in-case he needed anything from them.


The two Chargers were a standard Charger 500 (Not the fastback and flush grille as in 69) and a plain jane 70 sitting next to it. He said that he had a 70 Charger R/T that he was restoring slowly, and had these two to take whatever he needed off of them. At one time he said they were both complete cars, just needed work. But they give their lives for a better cause I guess.






The last car in the group was a plain 69 Satellite. He mentioned that he had a Road Runner stashed away, and this one was for parts as well. But it was very clean, so he didn't know if he was going to end up parting it out or not.



The owner was getting ready to go, and I had the Mecum Auction to get to before it was too late. So I left him my card, he said he would give me a call the next time he has his 71 Hemi Charger in town. I can't wait for that call!

Ryan Brutt
The Automotive Archaeologist

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