Before the Daytona on the Farm, there was the SS and Z/28

While heading to find the 69 Daytona sitting in the field I passed by a 68 Camaro for sale. Nowadays you don't normally see a nice and clean 68 Camaro just sitting for sale in a yard. So I had to stop and investigate, even if it did push back locating the Daytona.




The car was a very low mileage example. It had a 307 the sign said, 37,000 miles, blue with blue interior, automatic on the column. Wanted more then I thought. But I don't know GM products well enough.
Next to the Camaro was a bunch of early Chevelles, while looking at the Chevelles, the owner noticed I was walking around and came over and introduced himself. He told me about his cars and what he is doing. I asked to view his collection, and he was willing to show me what he had on hand... which isn't anything to laugh at.


Walking in you are presented with an awesome, extremely low mile mid-70's Nova, and when you look back is when you get the full effect of what he has.



First up was a true 69 Pontiac Firebird with a 400 cubic inch V8. He said it had a bunch of rare options and that he used to drive it all the time. But just hasn't had time for the projects lately. And just behind the Firebird was a 69 Camaro Z/28. This one he said he drove on occation. Further in the back corner of his shop was a early F-body drag project. He said he will get back to it hopefully soon. Just been to busy to get on it.




Then I discovered the car that made my heart go pitter patter. A 72 Challenger Rallye 340 car. It was basically all there, needing to be re-assembled and cleaned up. But a good project. The owners brother used to race it, and then lost interest in the project after the brother had rebuilt the engine. And so it sits for the day when he becomes re-interested.





Walking back to the front of the shop he showed me anotehr low mileage 71 Camaro SS 396 car sitting, he was currently working on this one. It was in really decent shape.


After leaving the shop the owner allowed me to venture onto his property and document some of the other vehicles he had smattered around. None of them were anything really to sneeze at. They were all decent project cars.






Coolest one sitting out back was the 67 Chevelle. It is/was a SS 396 car with a 4-speed. The owner said it was a very rare car. Why let it sit outside if it was really rare? I didn't actually ask him, but wondered.






I thanked the owner for showing me the collection he had there. He said give him a ring sometime with some lead time and he will show me the barn with the rest of the items. I told him I would. Said goodby and went on my way. Just before finding the Daytona though I came across another cool car, a Corvette in the weeds that had been there for atleast 15 years the neighbor said.




Shortly after seeing the Corvette I found the Daytona from and the rest they say is history!



Johnny Fontane said...

What a nice collection but it's a shame to see some of those cars sitting outside.

Hlavco said...

Love the color on that first Camaro.