Return to the junkyard

I returned a little while later to the junkyard to see the rest of it. I was quite a restless night thinking about what was still around the next corner. From what I had seen in the previous trip, anything could be out there. So I hopped in my truck and away I went.

I got there quickly, about noon. And I chatted with the owner for a while. He then let me loose and I went for a walk.

I started where I had stopped before. I had seen a whole bunch of cars down one of the side roads off the main one, so I decided to follow that one for the time being. There was more there then I had expected.

The first few cars I came across were Mopars. I was very happy to see these cars, thinking this guy was all about the Chevy stuff. There was a 69 Newport, 66 Barracuda, and 67 Barracuda with disk brakes, Aspen wagon, and a few others. There was also a bunch of other cars there; a few post-71 Mach 1's lying around, 65 Mustangs, Camaros, etc.

I did not take many pictures of the other cars. I came around a corner though, and there sitting on a hill was a nearly complete 63 Plymouth Belvedere Post car. It was there stem to stern. I did not grab anything this time. I was still just exploring the area. I also saw a sweet red Dodge Dart GT.

Walking up and down the rows; I discovered a few more interesting cars. There was a bright yellow Dodge Polara. An Impala SS, 68 Coronet post car, black with near mint blue interior. Sitting nearby was a nice blue Ford Fairlane 500.

Also fairly close by was what I believed to have been a Cougar Eliminator. It was yellow with what looked to have been a 4-speed and a few other options.

I came back down the same road and looked back behind some old farm equipment. Looked like an old silo or something. I had to jump, slide, and almost crawl to get there, but sitting in back were some of the coolest cars in the yard.

Sitting in back was what I believe at one time was a 69 Torino GT fastback. Next to that was a 69 Dodge Monaco 500. Behind them was a 72 Plymouth Sebring Satellite Plus, and some sort of early 60's Chrysler wagon.

These had a ton of parts left, and a few of them I though seemed to be good projects, sadly, they would never leave that place in one piece.

I walked out of that part of the yard with a new appreciation for what was there, and was excited to start out on the last part of the yard, which the owner told me is still about HALF of the yard.

I was tired, I was hungry, the owner said that the cars were not going anywhere, and to come back later, he will point me in the right direction for some really cool cars. So, I went back to town and grabbed a bite to eat. Took my shoes off for a second, just relaxed for a bit.

It was now after three in the afternoon, so I headed back to the yard to finish the adventure.

I will attempt to finish this on Thursday, been sick lately, so been off the computer. I will get this all finished up, so I can move onto the next car in a barn.




















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