Return for the final frontier

I returned to the yard a little later with a second wind, and began my journey through the second half.

I walked down the "main" road, and sitting on top of a few trucks was an AMC Javalin. Across from the Javalin was a 63 Plymouth Fury Convertible. I went through that Fury pretty well, I later pulled many parts off that Fury.

I went to the left, where previously I had gone right and walked down a valley a little bit. There was a "road" across the valley, and in the center of the valley, a dumping ground of more cars. So I explored this area.

There were some old Willy's Jeeps in there, a 4-door Valiant that I would later grab my dog dish wheels from, and a solid 73 Satellite.

I came out of the valley, saw a whole bunch of cars on the other side of the road sitting on the incline to the valley, there was a Torino 500, and a sweet 73 Duster, complete, rust free, and supposedly still ran, but he wouldn't sell it to me, even for drag racing.

Coming out of the valley, there were some cool cars on the right side of the road, a 68 Valiant, Apache Chevy pickup, a mustang or two. Into the forest a bit there was a 69 Valiant and a 73ish Mach 1 sitting there.

Going into the "center of the yard is where the really interesting finds were. Every other car was a Mopar; there was a ton of Darts and Chargers, Dusters and a Demons. There was even a 69 Satellite that I was able to get a bunch of trim from, including grille.

While walking through the rows, it was very sad to see such cool cars rotting away. In one section, there was at least five Darts, 4 Chargers, a few old 4-door Satellites sitting.

There were also some rare cars out there as well. There was a 1978 Plymouth Super Coupe, 83 Imperial, 1970 Coronet 500 4-door.

Every row there showed me something I had never seen before, there was even an old Dodge Semi truck sitting in the yard.

I went through it once and came out, talked to the owner well past closing time, at that time the almost two dozen cats were calling him and I had to get going.

I went back into town and went searching for some other cars I had heard about, a Chevy Nomad and a Camaro SS. The Nomad turned out to be a Ford 2-door Wagon, and the Camaro SS was a complete wreck.

It was quite an interesting few days. I would return to the yard at least two or three times a month. I pulled so many parts out of there it is incredible, 70 Charger steering column, Mopar Rallye wheels, REALLY rare steering wheel for a 70 Challenger. And a whole bunch more.

I left Macomb a year later and have yet to return, I wonder if that yard is still sitting out there, among the stars.

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Small Illinois Town Hidden Junkyard






















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