A Superbird in the Barn....

Well after being away from Mopar heaven, I returned to meet up with TJ and see the rest of the collection. The moment I got there, he was crushing cars, and I began to freak out. Then I realized it was all newer cars, and he was keeping the nice stuff off of them. So no worries there. I helped him load up a few cars and then we went inside to chat for a bit.

We chatted for a while, the usual car stuff, and then he asked if I'd like to see the rest of the collection. I of course didn't say anything, but nodded with my head in acknowledgement, too excited to speak.

We hopped in the RamCharger and went to his house down the road, the first house I saw with the 69 and 70 Road Runner. He said to go ahead and look around, he was going to use the bathroom. So he went in and I began my journey around the property.

First thing you see if the 69 Road Runner. It was a 383 car with air grabber hood. Orange with black stripes. It was a really nice car and one of his drivable cars.

Nearby was the 70 Road Runner, it was also a 383, but this was special. It was a 383 4-speed car, with air grabber hood. It had burnt orange paint and was in rough shape. I took alot of pictures of this car, cause it was so interesting. It needed alot of work, sadly it was beyond my ability to fix or even own at the time.

There was also a mint 73 Satellite and a completely destroyed mid-70's charger sitting there. But rusting in the field was an interesting find. It was originally a 71 Hemi Road Runner used in NASCAR. Was driven by someone there, and later cut and rebodied as a Volare for dirt track racing. The car is nothing but a rotted shell now, but who knows back then!

TJ came back out and he told me the story on some of the cars. He then invited me to the big barn on the center of his property. He said you ready to see the Superbird. Now I'm a skeptic, sure there is a Superbird in the barn, he must mean Superbee or something, cause who in today's world has a Superbird sitting in the barn.

Well he opened the door and my jaw hit the floor. Sitting across from me was a real 1970 Plymouth Superbird. It was blue and primer, covered in dust. Parts piled up around it. I was in shock. And there was TJ just grinning from ear to ear. I mumbled out something like, "wow". I went to the Bird and went around the whole thing. It was fairly solid, needed work, but not bad. It was a 440-6 Bird with auto on the column. Someone had stolen the 6-bbl from the car early in its life, but the 440 was suppose to be original.

While the Bird was amazing, there were other cars there too. Behind the Bird was a 78 Magnum with a 440, built for drag racing. At the time I wasn't much interested in this. There were also two 69 Chargers sitting there. They both needed work, but were good projects. One even looked like my 69.

I took a whole bunch of pictures and we chatted about the cars, how he got them, what he wanted to do with them in the future, etc. It was nice that he atleast had them out of the elements, but on a dirt floor barn.

Behind the barn I found another interesting car, a 1971 Plymouth Road Runner, 383 3-speed manual on the floor. I've never seen on before, but apparently the three speed was the stock option, and the 4-speed the optional one. It was gun metal gray and looked nearly all there, except for rust and a few other odds and ends.

Well after seeing the best of the collection, we headed to his mom's place down the road. Not expecting much out of this thinking he had it all at the shop, or at his place. Oh was I wrong. We pull up and sitting there is a rough 73/74 Charger. He showed me to a barn where sitting there was a 70 Coronet, slant six, 3-speed on the column, with 10 miles on the odometer. It was so well preserved I couldn't get near it to get a picture of it. Such an odd car to take such good care of for so many years.

But we continue around the property still chatting and then we come across something unexpected. Literally a row of old mopars, mostly Road Runners in a field. 68/69/70 Road Runners, 77 Charger Daytona. Just sitting in an open field. I was awe struck for a second time. I couldn't believe it. Some were 4-speed cars, another few had air grabbers. All were projects, but decent projects none the less. I spent a good hour there chatting and photographing.

This was the end of the collection and by this time it was beginning to get dark, so TJ and I returned to his shop and said our goodbyes. I would stop in every so often when I was passing by.

I haven't seen or talked to TJ in a while now, I wonder if those cars are still sitting there?
















If you would like to see all of the pictures, please follow the link to go there.

Cars In Barn Pictures: TJ Adventure



Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say your stories are great. I've driven around Iowa quite a few times looking for that "one" farm holding a gold mine of old cars but I haven't been that fortunate. I think you have a knack.

Would definitely like to know if you picked any of these cars up.

Keep up the good work. Hopefully I'll find that goldmine soon.

Anonymous said...

dude i love that light blue plymouth i was looking for one just like that oh by the way i also like the 1970 plymouth roadrunner 383 4 speed sweet i wish i had some cars like that but i have a purple 71 amc javeline with a 304 4 speed with lether interior front and back spoilers and you rock man!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow! talk about the find of the year, from the photos that i've seen it looks like you found one amazing b- body farm wish I knew were it was!

Anonymous said...

wow, thats pretty amazing, i can't believe that this person has so many amazing cars. i would do anything to save as many of those cars as possible. would it be too much to ask if you could enlighten me on where in iowa this farm is? could we please talk? email me at metaljunkie666@yahoo.com