Superbee in the barn

Well I was working today, and a gentleman comes in asking for a battery for a 70 Superbee. I jump over to help him and we get to talking. Apparently his brother was injured a few years ago and the car has sat since. So I asked if I could see it, he said by all means.

So I go to the barn and I have to unbury the door from snow, and open it up. All I see are a few old car covers and an old truck. Well under one cover is a 64 1/2 mustang (couldn't get to it) another is an old Chevy. Then came the Bee. What a Bee. Not an original Hemi car, 383 car. But now has all the nice stuff.

I couldn't get around the car much. But it was very nice. Well maintained. Sitting near the Bee was a whole bunch of old HO scale train tracks. The guy said I could have them, and the trains the next time I come by, if I wanted to help get the Bee going.

Some of the train stuff

I also have a line on a 70 Barracuda Vert and a 71 Cuda. Hope they pan out in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Considering the amount of bird dung in the place, it's a good thing the guy uses car covers.

Nice find, I'm enjoying your site!

Anonymous said...

how much 4 it?