Tractor Trailers of Mopars... and More: Part Two

 2012-09-29 16.10.36

I thanked my new friend and kept heading North.  With no set schedule, I meandered my way up into Wisconsin.  There was a place I had visited in my youth once that I went to look up.  In my mind it was called “The Caboose Motel”, but in reality it was called “The End of the Line” hotel.  It was a collection of probably 20 or so old Cabooses, and you used to be able to stay in them.  Unfortunately for travelers, they have been turned into summer apartments.  But the place still existed, which made me happy.



Continuing on I stopped by a friends place.  He had a really cool 69 Superbee that had been sitting up on a lift for years.  But he had some new toys this time.  A Barn Fresh Fury Convertible with a good 440 in the engine bay, a cool boat with a Dodge 360 Magnum in it, and a FireBird. 

 DSC02394  2012-09-29 16.10.36

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 2012-09-29 16.34.17  2012-09-29 16.34.33

We talked for a bit, and he mentioned that he had seen a Dodge Charger sitting in a small lake town up North of where we were.  It had been a while, but it was there.  I thanked him for the lead and headed out.  But before I got out the door, he mentioned that he had heard there was a 70 Barracuda somewhere around there as well.  He had never seen it though.


I got on my way and found myself in the small town.  I began driving up and down every street.  There wasn't much too the town, it was nice and quaint.  So small it didn't have a downtown or even a stop light.  As I made my way through town I could not find the Charger.  I gave up eventually and started heading out.  Just before I made my turn back to the main road I caught something out of the corner of my eye.  Sitting barely outside of a grove of trees was a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda.



Pulling into the driveway of the home, I didn't see anyone around.  I walked up to the door and knocked, nobody home.  So I snapped a few pictures from the road and got on my way.



That's not the end of the story, next time I got out there there was an even bigger surprised waiting for me!



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