Hemi's on the Farm: Part Four, Hemi's on the Trailer

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We crossed the farm to the first semi. Surrounding it was a variety of old parts, including a big block, a Dana rear end and misc other stuff on a trailer. But when he opened the doors to that trailer, it was something special.

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There was cool parts everywhere. Some really neat old rims up front, tons of books and misc pieces. But then we moved further back. To the real highlight of the trailer (and just this trailer, more mind blowing stuff later). The intake collection, which most of them were dual four barrel setups!

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The first shelving unit was most made up of flathead and misc other engine intakes.

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Moving onto the second shelving unit, it had Poly small block and 1st Gen Hemi dual quad intakes. Everything from a 325 Poly to 392 Hemi was displayed.

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The last shelving unit has some long ram and short ram intakes, some cross ram Max Wedge and 426 Hemi intakes. There was also a large collection of rarer Mopar big block heads stashed in there.

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While drooling and going through the intakes. The owner was kind enough to impart upon me some knowledge. The main different between the 1966 and 1967 Hemi Air Cleaner is the nipple that comes out of it. One is smooth, the other has a “step” to it. Very interesting.

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In the corner was a 1967 WO23 Coronet Hood and scoop in excellent shape. Couldn't get to it, but looked to be original! He also had the remains of a 1969 A12 Superbee scoop sitting on a pile of parts.

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About this time my heart had been pumping a mile a minute for about an hour. I didn't think I could take any more when the owner said, “Lets go take a look at my 1st Generation Hemi collection!” Who am I to say No to that?! So away we went.

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And it was an understatement. He had a small trailer full of complete 1st Gen Hemi's. 392, 354, etc... He even had a complete pump setup, platform, radiator shell, control console and Hemi still in there. It was cool to see an original example I've seen the warning siren style. But never the pump style so complete.

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Thinking that was it we made our way back to the driveway. That's when the owner said, “Hey, lets go in this barn, I haven't been in it since 1995.” So we made our way over to the last barn. And he really did save the best for last!

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