Stage 1.... Buick behind the Church


Following the spring Monster Mopar Swap Meet in Indianapolis, I was about to head home when a friend told me about a Dodge Travco Motorhome sitting “not that far” north that was bright red and sitting on a hill. Of course I was up for an adventure and it was still early in the day. So away I went, heading north. 

DSC08520 DSC08525 DSC08564 DSC08565

There was no easy way up to where the Motorhome was sitting. All two lane roads going through many small towns, so it was a great drive. Not to miss something cool, I would atleast try to slowly drive through the smaller towns to see if I could find anything. One of the first towns I hit up I right away had a 1967 Pontiac Firebird Convertible sitting next to a dilapidated mobile home. I couldn't tell what engine or transmission was in there. But any 1967 Firebird is alright in my book. On the way out of the town was an old large Ford LTD. 

DSC08540 DSC08541 DSC08542 DSC08544 DSC08545

Further up the road there was another small town that looked like a throwback to the 1950's. I didn't see anything off hand, then while going down main street I just happen to look behind the church. There sitting behind the church was a Buick. I couldn't tell what kind from the street so I pulled over and got out and walked down the sidewalk. 


Looking closer, I saw a GS emblem on the grille. That definitely steps it up a level of cool. A 72 Buick GS is nothing to sneeze at. But as I snapped some pictures I saw on the front fenders that there was a emblem below the GS... it said “Stage 1”! I couldn't believe it, what looked to be a legit 72 Buick GS Stage 1 just rotting away behind a church. One of approximately 700 made in 1972. Knocking on the door, no one appeared. So I didn't trespass, just snapped the pictures from the road and headed on my way. 

DSC08550 DSC08551 DSC08553 DSC08552

Driving north, I kept hitting up small towns, finding a LeMans in one, cool old train car in another. Nothing crazy. Just before getting to where the Travco was suppose to be though, I came across more Buicks. Two of them looked like normal Skylarks, but one definitely had the GS badge in the grille. Nobody was home, and time was short. So I kept on.

DSC08566 DSC08568 DSC08571 DSC08572 DSC08574

Not much further up the road was where the Travco was suppose to be. Unfortunately the exact whereabouts were unknown. So after covering a good portion of the countryside, there on a hill, next to the road, was the big red beast. It was an early model, but looked awesome. Red with white stripe Twinkie. It had been sitting for a long time, the mold and general dirtyness showed that. I drove past it a few times to see if anyone was around, and nobody was. So I yet again snapped some pictures from the road and continued on my way. 

DSC08576 DSC08577 DSC08578 DSC08579 DSC08580

Time to head home, it was getting late. I plugged in “Home” into my GPS, and it kicked out I was almost 4 hours away! I had no idea how far east I had gone. So I began my long journey home, thankfully finding a cool old diner to grab some grub for the long drive. Even with driving all day, I still enjoyed the day. It doesn't bother me the time I spent driving because It was all for the excitement of the hunt. 



Anonymous said...

Looks like the diner in Warsaw on 30? Right across from the K Mart? Lots of cool stuff in that area.

Anonymous said...

Did you leave a note on the red 1972 Stage I? It use amazes me how often you come across these wonderful cares in various stages of neglect.

Anonymous said...

Man, you were in my neck of the woods. The old drive-in is about 4 miles from my house and there is a great bar upstairs where that train car sets. I haven't seen that Travco yet but will take some alternate routes home from work and try to locate. I assume that's your R/T setting at the Diner? Nice car. Have an SRT in the garage. Will check back for more journey posts!!

BandW Trailer Hitches said...

I want that Dodge! With some custom work it can be a great caravan again. The abandoned cars there are quite many.. no close ups of the car next to the Dodge?

ford falcon australia said...

Did you leave a note on the red 1972 Stage I? It utilize stuns me how frequently you run across the aforementioned sublime forethoughts in different phases of disregard.

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