A Goat and a Dart in the bushes

After fully exploring the 69 Super Bee in the pasture from the previous blog http://carsinbarns.blogspot.com/2012/01/superbee-in-pasture.html, I moved onto a tip from my friend Bob. He had told me that his friend nearby had a few cool old muscle cars stashed away. And to give his friend a call. A quick conversation with the friend and I was granted permission to view the cars! So away I went to see what he had in the bushes.

I pulled up to the house, and I was blown away by what was there. Bob's friend had quite the collection. Some very desirable cars.

How about a 1968 Pontiac GTO convertible 4-speed car. I was blown away by this just sitting out, completely uncovered and exposed to the elements.






Next to the GTO was a early 70's Cutlass. I didn't see any extra holes in the fender for the 442 emblems. So I am fairly sure it wasn't anything crazy. Though you never know, Bob said it was a 442. I need to learn more about GM muscle cars. But it was a good project. I hope someone gets it out of that field and saves the old girl.





In front of them was the most... unique car of the bunch! A 1968 Dodge Dart... that has been left in the dryer too long and shrunk to true compact car size! Perfect for around town. What it looks like is the owner took a 68 Dart 4-door, removed one and a half doors and made a Dart-Lite. I'm not sure if it ever ran or there are any prospects for it. But it was definitely unique!






Across from the parked cars looked like a nice project that was about to be underway. A nice, rough around the edges but still good project, Skylark.


After this fun filled day, it was getting late and time to head home. Was a really nice day for barn find hunting. Wish every day could be like this.

Ryan Brutt
The Automotive Archaeologist

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