Junkyarding and old car hunting.... all in a day's work.... Part Two

I hopped back on the highway to head to the first car I had heard about, a 1972 Plymouth GTX Road Runner (GTX was an option in 72 on the Road Runner).

It was in a small suburb of Chicago, not far from where the first junkyard was. So I used it as a starting point, and pulled the good old Rand McNally map out to see where I should go. GPS's are nice, but doesn't have the same feel of accomplishment when you get somewhere.

I found the general location of where the car was suppose to be on the map, found where I was and mapped out a general search area of where the car is suppose to be. I would drive up and down the streets searching for the car.

Getting to the general search area was fun in and of itself. The way I mapped out drove through some of the not so nice areas of the south side of Chicago. I never felt in danger, I just wouldn't like to stick around too long.

The way I mapped it out, I didn't realize it was a stop sign every other street, which slowed down my progress to a near crawl. My 93 RamCharger isn't the best vehicle for stop and go traffic, so I had to take it easy. I did make it to the search area without incident and began the search.

Going back and fourth for a while, down each street I began to loose hope I wouldn't find the car. Then, I came down this one street, and there it was, sitting in the driveway. It looked like an original 72 Plymouth Road Runner GTX to me. I was going to stop and knock on the door, but sadly time wasn't on my side. I had wasted too much time driving to the location, that I didn't have enough time to investigate it.

I snapped a few pictures from the road, noted the location in my little black book and continued on my way. Ironically at the end of the street, there was a 70-72 Duster sitting in a driveway. I did the same as before, snapped a few pictures, marked down the location in my little black book. Hoping to return here in the future.

I sort of knew where I was, so I made my way up some major streets back to 90/94 and went home. On the way home I found the new Toyota Field or something out in Bensenville I believe. I didn't even know it existed!

I hope to return to these cars in the near future to further investigate them.






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